As with our vessels, we don’t have a catalog of standard boxes to choose from, we can produce whichever type of box you are looking for.  Whether it’s a simple flat fold or a two-piece rigid box, simple 4c print or foil, embossing, special textured papers, whatever you are looking for, we can most likely do.  The same goes for labels, insert cards and custom boxed sets, just show us a photo, give us a description or drawing and let us take it from there!  

Our in-house graphic design team is here to help take your ideas and turn them into stunning custom packaging.  If it’s a full design project or just simply putting your art into die lines, we are here to make your project as easy and seamless as possible.

  •  Custom packaging
  • In house graphic design team

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Testing, certifications, and custom solutions

Laboratory Services

At Modern Candle, we have a full-scale working lab where we can execute any portion of the candle and fragrance-making process.
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Modern Candle doesn’t just produce candles, here are some other things we can do for you to help you expand your reach in the home fragrance market
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