Custom Candles & Fragrances.

Designing and crafting candles & fragrance for the world's best brands.

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What we do

What we Do

We are the leading contract manufacturer of candles and home fragrance for the world’s top brands and retailers.

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Modern Candle is an industry leader in candle manufacturing and fragrance development.  Our team of seasoned industry professionals are the best in the business and at your disposal to help you create, develop, source, and deliver on time and on budget.  We understand each of our clients has a unique, individual vision to create what will make their brand shine and our team is ready to take that dream and make it a reality.

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Modern Candle & Fragrance development
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What we do

Turn key

We understand that you are busy enough running your own business so why not leave the details to us? We can handle it all, we need your vision, and with our in-house design team, we can help design, source all components, fill and assemble, then deliver to market-ready finished product.

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Explore material, shape, size and decorating options


At Modern Candle, we are not limited to a catalog of options, our options are as expansive as your ideas.  You let us know what you are looking for, and we will find it. We are experts at sourcing, and if we can’t find it, then we know where to get it made, as we have vendor partners around the globe. Keep in mind that for custom-made shapes in glass, ceramic, and even other materials, the MOQs can be high, but if you can’t meet those minimums, not to worry.  We are experts at taking the stock glass, and with a little decorating such as lacquering in any PMS color you want and even silk screening on top of that (or alone) the options to make a look that i uniquely special to your brand are endless. And what is even better, we do this all in-house.  

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Modern Candles provides Custom vessels for your candles and diffusors
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In-house fragrance experts


With our own in-house fragrance industry expert, we will help guide you through your fragrance choices, listening carefully to you to understand and make sure we either find you what you are looking for in our library or, if needed, from one of our many industry-leading fragrance labs that we work with.  Looking to have a fragrance designed specifically for you? We can do that! And if you are looking to have a fragrance duplicated, we can also help with that as well.

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Eco-Friendly luxury proprietary wax blends with natural ingredients


At Modern Candle, we custom blend our waxes using the highest quality ingredients available. Our in-house lab technicians have created an extraordinary selection of waxes and are always working to bring even more revolutionary waxes to our customers.  Our team is imaginative, innovative, and dedicated to keeping our customers at the top of the industry with the best quality candles in the marketplace.  Looking for all-natural, eco-friendly waxes? We’ve got you covered!

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Natural wax blends and bulk and custom wax blends for  Modern Candle clients
Modern Candle offers full service candle and fragrance packaging options
Endless packaging options and an expert in house design team


As with our vessels, we don’t have a catalog of standard boxes to choose from; we can produce whichever type of box you are looking for. Whether it’s a simple flat fold or a two-piece rigid box, simple 4c print or foil, embossing, special textured papers, or whatever you are looking for, we can most likely do it.  The same goes for labels, insert cards, and custom boxed sets; show us a photo, give us a description or drawing and let us take it from there!  

Our in-house graphic design team is here to help take your ideas and turn them into stunning custom packaging.  If it’s a full design project or just simply putting your art into die lines, we are here to make your project as easy and seamless as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help. Here are some common questions to help you get started. But we are happy to walk you through the process and answer any and all questions related to candle or fragrance manufacturing.

Who is Modern Candle?

Modern Candle is a respected manufacturer in the luxury candle-making industry for more than twenty-five years.  We are responsible for manufacturing many high-end, trendsetting candle lines in the marketplace today.  Our long relationships in the industry give us the ability to source unique vessel and packaging options, offer an unparalleled selection of fragrances from our vast in-house library, and create custom fragrances with our extensive experience and expertise.

What does Modern Candle Do?

At Modern Candle, we have in-house decorating capabilities for glass painting, and silk screening, and an art department to assist with design if needed.  We custom blend our superior quality waxes using the finest ingredients available.  We offer turnkey and customers with their own sourcing abilities can supply their own components or any combination thereof.

What type of wax do you use?

Modern Candle offers a large selection of our own custom, high-quality wax types to choose from.
For example:
• Several all-natural blends of soy, coconut, apricot, and more
• Massage wax
• Beeswax blends
• Soy blends (luxury and economical)

Can I supply my own components?

Yes, you can supply any components except the wax and wick. However, if you are supplying your fragrance, it is up to you to ensure that the fragrance company you are working with has the exact wax that will be used in your order.  If you are supplying your glass, boxes, or labels, the QC needs to be done by you.  We cannot QC your components; you need to be sure they arrive at our warehouse ready to go.  If your components are not in our warehouse at least three weeks before your production date, your order will be moved to the next available date, which could be up to 12 weeks.  If you supply your own components, all responsibility for those components is on you the customer, not Modern Candle.

Can I get fragrance samples?

Once we have quoted your project and moved into the development stage, we will sample fragrance from our library at a minimal charge that can be partially credited to your order. You will work with our development team to carefully describe what you are looking for and we will have samples made in the wax that you have chosen for your project in small tins.  This is only to evaluate fragrances; these samples have not been fully burn tested so please don’t evaluate the quality of the finished candle based on these samples.

Can I get samples of my screen printed and/or painted vessels?

Once we have quoted your project and moved into the development stage, we can make full-size samples for you if needed.  Please see our Menu of Services for sample pricing

How do I know my candle will burn properly?

We go through an extensive process of wick testing before your candle goes into production.  This can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the collection.  Please note that this is to ensure your candle will have a full melt pool and proper depth at the right time, will not produce excessive smoke or soot and that the glass will not become too hot.  We do not evaluate the fragrance throw. That is for you to do in the fragrance sampling process. We follow all ASTM standards for candle burn testing

Where do the volume discounts start?

Some can start as low as 2500, but typically 5,000 - 10,000 units of one fragrance depending on the components used.

Can I combine fragrances?

For many reasons, we cannot combine fragrances from the library to make a “custom fragrance.”

What do you have as far as vessels for me to choose from?

We need you to tell us what you are looking for and we will get it for you.  We don’t have a catalog or list of components available.  This program is custom; therefore, it is created to suit your needs.  In low quantities, we are limited to the many stock options in the marketplace, and in higher quantities 25k and up we can have custom glass made.  For custom ceramic, the MOQ is lower, and some of our vendors can go as low as 5k units.

What are the shipping costs?

If you are not picking your order up from our warehouse and it needs to be shipped to you, your shipping charges will be calculated once the order is complete.  This cannot, under any circumstances be done before your order is complete.

Do you do Pick and Pack?

Modern Candle offers the limited capability of Pick & Pack and drop shipping on a case-by-case basis

How does my artwork file need to be submitted for my label, screen print, and packaging?

We need an outlined A.I. file and all PMS colors from the Pantone book for Print, Packaging, and Digital Design.

How do I know I’m ready to speak to a manufacturer?

This is one of the most important steps to getting your candle project off the ground.  You are ready to speak to a manufacturer when you know exactly what you want to be done.  When you have your concept, design, and fragrance ideas ready.  At this point, if you have enough information, we can likely get a quote done and begin to move your project forward.  If you are not there yet and need help with product development, we offer product development services, as mentioned in the Product Development Consulting section above.

What is the lead time?

Please be aware that a first order lead time could be up to 12-14 weeks from the day we receive the purchase order/deposit/artwork approval and confirmation of any components you are supplying.  During the months of July to November, the lead time can be extended due to the seasonal nature of our industry; for re-orders, the typical lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.

I need a rush order. Is that possible?

Due to the tightness of our production schedule, we can only review on a case-by-case basis.

I am an established brand and cannot wait 10-14 weeks or runout of stock; what can be done to accommodate me?

While there is little we can do on the first order due to the wick testing that will need to be done, we do work with many brands on an ongoing basis and work with them to make yearly projections, so they are never out of stock.  We will help organize this to keep your product flowing throughout the year.

I would like to have a custom-designed vessel. Is that possible?

YES! Keep in mind that the MOQs for custom-developed ceramic vessels begin at about 5,000 units and are much higher for glass.  However, remember that by painting, labeling, or screen printing a stock glass, you can often achieve that “custom” look you have in mind.

Can I have a custom-designed box?

Yes! Remember that you will need to provide the artwork, Pantone colors, and all other specifics.

What is the timeline for product development?

This can vary widely as it all depends on where you are with knowing what you want, how quickly you can make decisions, how long it takes the vendors to get samples, how long it takes the designer to do artwork if custom vessels are being made, the sampling process from Asia takes time and can be a long process.  It’s safe to say this process can take 3-8 months.

What is the timeline for fragrance duplication?

Up to 6-8 weeks

Can I come in and smell the fragrances in the library?

Due to the extensiveness of the library, this isn’t feasible, and the fragrances are not put in wax, so there isn’t a way to smell them.  We ask that you provide us with what you are looking for in a fragrance that can be a description or examples in the marketplace so that we understand what you want.  We then will pull fragrances that fit your descriptions and make and send you the samples.

What is the cost and timeline for custom fragrance and how does it work?

Modern Candle has an extensive library of fragrances to select from. However, some clients want a fragrance developed specifically for them.  Due to Modern Candle’s unique situation of having an in-house fragrance expert with over 25 years in the candle industry, you will be able to work closely together to develop your signature scent or a collection of signature fragrances.  The process will take 6 to 10 weeks and depend on decisions, revisions, and our lab's ability to turn things around quickly.

What brands does Modern Candle manufacture for?

While some of our clients are public knowledge, many clients request anonymity.  Most of our clients are luxury candle brands widely recognized in the marketplace.  We also create many collections for well-known retailers.  It isn’t uncommon for a potential new client to come to a meeting and bring examples of candles they want similar quality, sophistication, etc. all the while not knowing it is a Modern Candle client!

Can you make an organic candle?

Yes, however, you are limited to the availability of organic fragrances.

Can I use essential oils instead of fragrance?

Using only essential oils or “all-natural” fragrances is possible, but it can get quite costly.  Also, using pure essential oils only as a candle fragrance won’t smell exactly like you want it to and won’t have the cold or warm throw that a properly formulated candle fragrance (containing essentials and fragrance ingredients) will have.

What other types of scented products do you manufacture?

While candles are our #1 product, we make diffusers, room sprays, and wax melts.